News! All things tracking – upcoming events, lessons and workshops!

We are expanding! I’m very excited to offer more coaching and growth to clients as the dream (formally known as a business plan) unfolds to become reality!

Moments like this always remind me of why I love to teach and coach. Teaching tracking takes a lot of planning, time and space and I’ve found the small groups work best so everyone gets a lot of hands on work all day. This is Connie and Birdy last weekend!

Across Canada you won’t find a lot of tracking clinicians or instructors because of the effort it requires! I’m proud to be one of them and enjoy seeing people learn and grow in the sport I have loved for 33 years! Thanks for letting me part of your journey!

I love to coach and teach and have done both for years. Did you know these are different activities with different techniques and outcomes? Many people think they are the same but they are not. Read more!

Teaching is prescriptive and directive. It’s instruction focused on skills and learning foundations.

Coaching is focused on growth, mastery and independence once skills are in place. It challenges people to draw on their knowledge to solve problems, set goals and pursue excellence. Coaching does not have a mandatory regulatory body meaning anyone can say they are a coach. I’m proud to have spent 2 years formally studying Professional Coaching.

Zoom tracking building blocks, Mock tests, urban certifications, 1:1 lessons, Scent theory and skills one day workshop, tracking retreat and more!

Online building blocks

Coming soon! Online mini-workshops on all things related to tracking that you want to know more about! Watch for details and for polls to choose topics of interest!

These FUN, short, 1 hour long online sessions will be on weeknight evenings. They will provide a detailed, up close and personal review of things we want to know more about. Some are more easily shared with visuals and graphics or whiteboards – and we don’t always have time to cover them in depth in lessons and workshops! Read more!

They will include articles, maps, plotting, turns, equipment – lines, harnesses etc. Watch for polls to pick your favourite topics! There will be interactive discussion and sharing and loads of questions are welcomed!

Fee: $15 for one hour for current students. $25 for non-students.

Learn more about articles and other fun topics in tracking – fun discussion and presentation

Mock Tests and Urban Certifications

April 15-17 Tracking UTD and UTDX Mock Tests and urban certifications are being offered. I will travel in a circuit to meet people wishing to test themselves for upcoming tracking tests. These will be test level judged blind tracks with video and critique (by me, an actual Judge!) I am working on securing fields for TD or TDX. If I’m successful I’ll add to this post! Read more!

Be ready for your test whether it’s a CKC test or a SAR validation – know where your at and what to work on

Fee: $75 for a plotted and aged track, judging and video, critique and map. Afternoon group workshop and training tips for test success tailored to the teams taking part. There will be an additional $25 to attend the afternoon session.

Help and Observe – track lay to learn more! If you’ve never seen a tracking test this is an amazing opportunity to see how they work, lay a track with the judge and watch the teams. Fee to observe and be a tracklayer is $50 for the day. As we plot and lay tracks I’ll explain the rules and theory of judging. As we follow each team I’ll point out how we judge.

Registration will be posted shortly. Watch for it here!

Locations – 6 mock tests offered per day in these locations followed by the afternoon group sessions.

April 15 – Red Deer
April 16 – Olds
April 17 – Calgary

Watch for more information!

* Urban certifications for people wishing to enter UTD first are offered for no fee (as a CKC judge I am to support this initiative). A small travel fee as honorarium will be requested to cover gas (I mean yikes have you seen the gas prices lately?) 😮

1:1 Spring Coaching and Lessons begin April 1st

Coaching is for current students wishing to continue to fine tune skills, prepare for tests and reach for higher goals.

Lessons will be for new students who are beginners to tracking or who have never worked with me and wish to learn new techniques and skills. Read more!

Lessons will begin on Fridays and Saturdays. Wednesday evenings will be added as days warm up! Lessons are 1.5 hours and include video and tailored homework. I

t’s recommended that people aim for a lesson every two weeks, with the exception of advanced trackers who may like weekly sessions.

One 15 minute call / email/ video review requesting help for a problem can occur between sessions.

Fee: $85 per lesson or 5 lessons package for $375.

June 5 1-day Trackers only (no dogs!) Workshop

Scent theory and Tracking in-class Seminar. Location and details to be announced shortly.

Classroom presentation, booklets, outdoor work including mapping, scent demonstrations and other skills – urban, field and forest. ***NEW – If you wish to enrol for Summer or Fall 1:1 lessons this session will be mandatory. Another will be offered in August for new students in Fall lessons. Read more!

Become part of our amazing circle! This is the place to find new friends and discover your passion for tracking. We welcome you to join us! Read more!

You can be a presenter! Share your story, with help to develop a presentation. Read more here!

Tracking Retreat! July 1-3, 2022

This is for dedicated, hard core trackers who can’t get enough! A full weekend of presentations, tracking and sharing. Location and details to be announced soon!

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