Tracking Classes and 1:1 Lessons

Tracking Classes

Offered occasionally, spring and fall

Watch Upcoming Events and follow Social Media to find out about classes

Usually Weekend Workshops take the place of classes. Once people have taken part in a Seminar, workshops on specific skills are organized so the groups can meet regularly to check in and continue with skill building.

  • Typical classes are “Introduction to Tracking” for beginners.
  • Students are introduced to the sport of tracking, then learn how to start their dog, adding other skills (nose down, article indications, turns, line handling) over 5 weeks.
  • Classes are usually offered in early spring. Location depends on students and may be in the Calgary or Olds / Red Deer area. They generally move around and are always in public, urban environments.
  • Other details:
    • 5 weeks
    • 6 students
    • $250
  • 1:1 Lessons
    • 5 lessons
    • $85 for 1.5 hours
    • $375 for 5 pre-paid package

Tracking Workshops

Skills and Topic Focused

Weekend Workshops are usually organized for existing students in place of regular classes. We focus on specific skills over a weekend, with lots of theory, practice and fun! Workshops are advertised to provide opportunities for others to join in!

Types of Workshops Offered (check back, more are always added!)

  • Training in the Urban Environment – scent theory, plotting, scent movement, puzzles
  • Follow the Flow – Plotting Skills
  • All About Articles – Plotting, Indications, Motivation, Area Search
  • Start Your Puppy in Tracking
  • Stinky Feet – behind the scenes of a tracking test – take part in a mock test! Review the paperwork, organization, plotting and judging. Includes “You Be the Judge” as participants follow volunteer teams who run the tracks we set!
  • Other details:
    • One day and two day workshops are offered (weekends)
    • Maximum of 8 people (small groups!)
    • $300 per working team

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