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It is a privilege to be a part of someone’s tracking or life journey. Thank you to the people who have taken the time to share feedback – both good, and to help me constantly improve lessons, webinars and seminars!


Edmonton 2019

Amazing weekend Thank you so much!
I just wanted to say this past weekend tracking class is the best I have ever taken. Donna you have such a gift to teach and communicate. It was such a pleasure to meet you and all the ladies and their K9 partners  such a  great group of people.  Amazing to see the growing confidence by the teams at every new track through out the 2 days.  I hope to come across you all again in the future. Donna I’m hoping you will have another seminar  in the near future I learned  so much from this one I cant imagine how great the second one would be.

2018 Seminar Participant

Best track ever! Just ran the track in strong, gusty winds and we both did really well. So proud of us both! If we never get into a test I will remember this track and know we can track, title or not… this was one of my big life goals and I would not have got here without you. BEST COACH EVER!!! Happy coaching and seminar participant!

Medicine Hat 2017

Donna, you are one of the best instructors I have ever had! I don’t offer this comment lightly. Right from the first moment you made everyone feel welcome, setting the stage for relaxed and therefore effective learning. You have an unbelievable amount of knowledge and skill and yet such an unassuming, patient manner that everyone is engaged and just swept along on this learning experience – no intimidation, no anxiety. Your voice and manner of speaking to us as we work a track is especially effective – the timing of your comments is great and your words encouraging as well as helpful. Often instructors are rushed and with a single track point of view – the only solution is their way of training – you were very open to questions and adaptable in explanations to help us understand things we were struggling with.” Linda Elder, Prince George BC

Red Deer 2017

Donna, I want to hank you for an excellent weekend of tracking in Red Deer! You are a fabulous instructor, one who really conveys the joy of working as a team with your dog, enthusiastic, knowledgable and just plain fun to work with! You display the passion that you have for the sport and it is infectious. The CKC is very lucky to have you and so are we here in Alberta. I thooughly enjoyed the entire weekend and plan to continue. in fact I am going out to do a trench right now! But before I do, I had to say how great the weekend was and I encourage others interested in Tracking to do a seminar with Donna! Suzy Olsen, Calgary AB

October 2019 Seminar

  • The most valuable part of the weekend is Donna’s feedback; I need the feedback from Donna; it is incredibly valuable. The best part was the coach. Donna you are an inspiration! Amazing knowledgeable coach. Expert instruction and coaching, very valuable for both my dog and myself.
  • The Spiritdance seminar was so amazing. The coaching we received was gold standard. Donna took the time to help each of us understand where the holes were in our buckets and how to fix them. She left me with the confidence and tools to keep on tracking!
  • After attending the Summer Series of Tacking Seminars with Donna my boy Wriley became the first BRT in Canada to earn his CKC TD Title. Donna’s seminars are motivational, thoughtfully designed, well organized and fun. It continues to be a great experience to learn and train under Donna’s watchful eye.
  • How Donna freely shares her knowledge, passion, dedication, attention to details, support and faith that we all can succeed.
  • Donna’s knowledge of tracking is always expanding and there is something new in every seminar.
  • Whether you are an experienced handler preparing for Tracking Exams or a Curious Novice, Donna will show you the path to success and that there is always something around the next corner.
  • The seminar is just so informative. I learn something new from new people – new dogs – different weather / environment. Spend time with your dog, meet good folks, learn so much about tracking…the seminars are always great.
  • So much valuable information and sharing! Wonderful group of participants. The participants are always a pleasure to work alongside. Learning is tailored to each individual team so there is always something being learned or reinforced.
  • It doesn’t matter what level you are, you learn so much and on top of it all it’s so much fun.

Heather and Ticket, February 2019 Winter Workshop

Winter Tracking Webinar 2020

Donna I have to thank you sincerely for including me in this webinar.

You probably know that I do a lot of on-line learning….many webinars and courses and contact with high achieving experts here and in Europe and I can say without hesitation that this webinar was right up there on pare with the renowned experts!!!

I LOVE details…So thank you! Now I am crazy anxious to get out there and track!! I will look to do follow up webinar with some homework we have done!!

Thank you – this was a lot of info and I am confident I can get out there and have some fun!

This was a top rate webinar!

Just thank you again, it was great

Donna gave a very enjoyable and knowledgeable seminr with lots of visuals and based on first hand experience. I will be signing up for the follow up webinar.

Thanks Donna, I’m confident I can give him a good start in this. We did some scent pad practice in the snow alley and he was already dragging me to the cones to get to the scent pads!

This webinar covered almost everything there is to know about winter tracking and how to practice for success.

Thank you for the very valuable information.

It motivated me to get back out and get started again

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