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Mock Test Days are offered Spring and Fall

  • Watch Upcoming Events and follow us on Social to see Event Listings
  • Maximum of 6 working teams / tests per day (early start time to 1 pm)
  • 4 beginner levels and 2 advanced
  • Fee: $150 / working team

Urban Pre-Tests, also known as Certifications, are by arrangement or by class / workshop or seminar drop-in

  • There is no fee for Certifications as it is a volunteer activity provided by judges and evaluators acting under CKC rules as CKC representatives
  • There may be a mileage honorarium requested for travelling greater distances than 40 km; ideally we can arrange a suitable location to meet
  • You may be able to drop in at an already organized class, seminar or workshop
  • Please use the Contact Form to arrange or ask about certifications
  • Plan for an hour from start to finish
  • You will receive 3 original certification forms and a map upon successful completion

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Let’s Hang Out

Let’s Hang Out

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