Online mini-workshops

Special topics in tracking

We will offer online coaching occasionally. What we love to do is enhance your in-person tracking lessons with online presentations to go deeper into all things tracking. Sometimes it’s easier to teach when we are relaxed and can look at visuals.

Topics like using apps and maps will be covered in fun and interactive online sessions!

Read below to see some examples of mini workshops. Watch for polls on the 4Winds Facebook page to choose topics and add to the list!

All things articles

From types of articles to indications to games to placement and more. You can ask questions and direct the flow of learning in addition to my prepared information.

All things turns

Turns on rails, how do we get them? How do people mess up their turns? Natural turns v test tracks. Shaping turns. Turns turns turns. We work on them in lessons and seminars but there is so much more to say!

All things apps and maps

What app to use. Maps and apps. Recording your steps or distance. Plus a look at old fashioned paper maps and test maps. Landmarks. Counting steps. Planning the track. Article placement. Predicting your track. Ground truthing. Making changes based on conditions and environment.

All things puppies

Start your puppy at 10 weeks! Don’t wait to imprint as shape tracking desire and behaviours. Puppy training ideas, what to focus on and your questions answered.

All things – help!

Help! I have a problem! What to do when you hit the wall. Common problems. Ways to approach tracking issues from critters and marking to pulling too hard to lost motivation and more. You are not alone.

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