Caden TDX practice 2015

TCH Caden von der KleinenWiese in training

I found this video of Caden’s TDX practice summer 2015. It was a very windy day and a new place so I laid an 800 m track on varying cover with 8 turns and three gloves and aged it two hours.

Caden is the dog I did some IGP with then we trained for almost three years with John Blondin RCMP head trainer (retired). This was a year after lessons with John had ended. I let Caden go and followed to watch him recover to the track here as the test was coming up (he passed that September!) I needed to see what he would do when I followed him “blind.”

Since I didn’t know these grounds (closed psychiatric facility) I put kibble at key places to mark my track and know I was on. It was a bit of a blind track for me !! And spooky there but the grounds were fantasic. We did urban there too that summer. Map showing the grounds is below.

Caden was a very good tracker. I loved following him. You can see his negatives are very clear and when he was in the article scent cone. It is still hard to accept and believe he died of cancer a year later.

He was a great dog. My first working lines GSD and a great grandson of 2X Worlds IGP winner Orry von Haus Antwerpa of Belgium. A great friend, loyal – great partner, solid, and great teacher.

The grounds… abandoned!

The videos (in the days before Go Pro!)

Part one to article one

Part two to article two

Part three to end

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