Tracking FAQ – Events and Test Information

  • Check out the BLOG post announcing what’s coming for 2023.

2023 is a busy year!

I am working on training my own dogs with some goals for both tracking and stockdog (sheep herding) trials. Since last posting a schedule, a lot of tests and clinics (not only mine, but others!) have come up, resulting in some tweaking for the year.

Upcoming Spiritdance Tracking Events (subject to change!)

  • April Beginners Tracking Clinic in Olds AB – full! Auditors are still welcomed, contact me (below).
  • Two other clinics I am giving are being organized by other groups. One is in BC (advanced field) and one in Shaunavon SK – check this link for info and to see if there are openings. Currently both are full but things can change!
  • To make sure the trackers working with Spiritdance Tracking are ready for tests, there will be ongoing test prep, mock tests, and urban pre-test certifications this year. Stay tuned here and on the blog for dates and confirmation.
  • Beginners! These lesson – test prep weekends will be suitable for you as well, to keep working on foundations and aim for fall or 2024 goals.

Tracking Tests FAQ

In the past few years due to COVID the number of tests decreased and there was less travel, including less travel by judges across Canada. This year it is exciting to see more tests available, and some new judges also able to judge or in the process of apprenticing. According to CKC tracking regs tests are limited to the number of tests a judge can take on per day. The amount of space needed for a test, volunteers to be tracklayers, and travel between areas is a logistical feat, and “takes a village.”

For this reason, only enter if you are ready and volunteer before that to learn! The courtesy is to withdraw from day two if you passed on day one, as there is always a list of alternates hoping for a change to pass.

This is why I like to offer mock tests. Many trackers don’t have opportunities to see if they are test ready and we discourage entering tests for ‘experience.’ If there are low entries, then please do support a club though! Sometimes we are surprised with how ready we are, or the conditions on test weekend are so perfect that people enjoy passing more easily. So many things need to line up.

Also for these reasons, we call them TESTS and not TRIALS. In obedience trials you need to pass three times, In tracking you only have to pass one test – but it may be a wait to get into one, and you may not pass the first time around. Tracking titles are to be treasured! Once you pass all four – TD and UTD beginner levels in field and urban, the TDX and UTDX – under two difference judges, your dog will be a Tracking Champion.

In some areas with more tests and judges, this can come more quickly. In other areas, there can be years of attempting to get in, and to pass. Sportsmanship in tracking is a BIG DEAL for this reason. Take your time, be ready for every test!

Tests – Where are they anyway? When?

As tests are organized and approved by the CKC they are often listed on Canuck Dogs. Go to the Canuck Dogs page, then choose an area (BC, Prairies, Ontario, etc.) and select Events. Scroll down to Tracking to see what’s up. Since entries must be posted and received well in advance of the test. if you are thinking of tests this spring – look now! If you are thinking of tests in the fall – there may be some listed, but keep checking!

There is a CKC tracking group page you can join, where tests are often discussed and announced, with results reported too.

It’s also good to know the test giving clubs to check their Facebook pages or websites. Here are the hot spots to keep an eye on:

  • Central Alberta Tracking Society (CATS) in Red Deer (field and urban, and some seminars)
  • Wild Rose Tracking Club, Edmonton (field and urban)
  • British Columbia
  • Okanagan and Salmon Arm BC – various clubs hosting, usually field. Check this group (you will have to join) – All Breed K9 Tracking Club of BC
  • Lower Mainland BC tests – watch Canuck Dogs for field and urban tests in the spring and fall, usually in the Langley, Abbotsford areas
  • Vancouver Island – check Victoria tests (usually urban, some field) in Canuck Dogs; watch for Forbidden Plateau (Courtenay – Comox area) urban and field tests on their FB page, website and in Canuck Dogs
  • Regina and Saskatoon SK often hold field tests in the fall. For Regina keep an eye on Canuck Dogs and on the Wascana Obedience Club website
  • Ontario
  • Thunder Bay Kennel Club Tracking tests spring and fall – check Canuck Dogs and their Thunder Bay Tracking FB page.
  • Ontario tracking areas further east include North Bay – Sudbury; London Ontario, Markham and east of Toronto (Cross Country Tracking Club) with many tests due to the higher population and more judges available
  • Maritimes – tracking tests in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – beautiful areas and great judges, urban and field – if you can get there, GO!

Have a question? Contact me via the contact form (button below) or using the What’s App button on the Facebook page!

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