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Spiritdance Tracking offered the first online tracking webinars in Canada, creating a community of trackers and introducing friends!

Online and Live via Zoom!

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Two-part session with Instruction. Homework & Follow-up

Fee for one 3-hour session with breaks: $150

Sessions are live with participation encouraged. They are not recorded.

Follow up session if organized – $75

Webinar Topics:

May be arranged by groups and clubs or offered by 4Winds:

  • Winter Tracking and Practice Follow-Up
  • Maps and Apps – Plotting online and on the ground
  • Advanced Tracking Skills and Mastery
  • Instructor, Mentor, Coach, Leader
  • So, you Want to be a Tracking Judge
  • Setting Goals and Training Plans for Success
  • Moving Scent – Understanding Scent in the Urban Environment

Some people choose 1:1 Coaching to explore these topics or others. You choose what matters to you. It doesn’t even have to be about tracking!

Winter Tracking

Yes, you can track all winter! Learn about winter tracking – when and where to track, exercises to maintain good tracking, how to plan your training according to the weather, and safety tips. This is our most popular yearly webinar.
After you head out to try some winter tracking, join the follow up to talk about your training and ask questions.

Maps & Apps

Learn how to use online apps (mobile and iPad or computer) to scope out tracking areas and plan your tracks! Find out about the best apps to measure and journal. Then learn how to do the tried and true hand drawn maps while counting steps! In session one, receive homework challenges to review in session two!


Learn the secrets of athletes and seasoned competitors to achieve mastery in tracking. From the best ways to train and practice to performance anxiety tips and increasing environmental awareness – without missing a step while following your K9 partner. Receive some tailored homework – written and practical and return to review

Instructor, Mentor, Coach, Leader

Take your role to the next level. Learn the differences between these styles. Find out how to be the best mentor ever! Learn some of the secrets of coaches, and discover and build on your personal leadership style. Take away exercises and tailored homework. Return to session two to talk about your discoveries and discuss next steps.

So you Want to be a Tracking Judge

Get a jump on your judging journey. Find out how to apply and the steps involved to become a CKC tracking judge. Learn what judges do – from accepting assignments to travel and expenses, to plotting, judging, problem solving and rule interpretation. Judging is fun, and it is also a big responsibility to do it well, with fairness, integrity and compassion

Urban Scent Theory

The moving scent environment! It’s so exciting! But you need to have knowledge and imagination to visualize just what is happening when you walk through an urban setting to lay a track. What does scent look like? How does it travel? Where does it go? Find out how the manmade environment impacts scent flow, and how that is affected by environmental conditions – to become better at plotting, testing and reading your dog – to be a better human partner!

Setting Goals & Training Plans for Success

Planning to enter tests this year? Next year? Learn how successful competitors and athletes plan their training so they are ready and peak on that important day! Find out how to observe and evaluate your dog through stages of training to determine if you should take a step back, move ahead or take a break. Every dog is different, so there is no cookie cutter or timeline. The dog tells you when they are ready to move ahead. Your job? Make your dog the best it can be, through well planned and executed training guided by clear goals.

You probably know that I do a lot of on-line learning….many webinars and courses and contact with high achieving experts here and in Europe and I can say without hesitation that this webinar was right up there on par with the renowned experts!!!

Webinar Participant in Ontario

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