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Beginner’s Tracking Clinic April 22-23

Updated registration form and new date! A new registration form is ready for this clinic! The dates were changed for better weather (we hope!). Working Team limit of 6 dogs for maximum work and attention. Deadline to register is March 3, 2023. Click here to learn more, and hope to see you there! Tracking is…

Winter tracking at its best! Micah’s winter track December 2018 I laid a track for 1.5 year old (baby!) Micah at a schoolyard filled with children’s footprints in the snow. I aged it for 45 minutes. Here is the middle where it was most challenging! Posted in Facebook: Here is a clip of my favourite parts of the track…

What’s Your Why?

Thanks everyone for all of the messages about 2023! I love hearing from you. Mandatory reading for all Coaches is Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why. I planned to start blogging again (I was an original blogger in the day!) next weekend but wanted to talk a bit about 2023 tracking and why I organize…

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