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Keep an eye on this page for upcoming events and training opportunities. Thanks everyone for your ongoing interest!

Read more about the spring advanced field clinic. and find a link to YouTube playlists by clicking the photo (from Kamloops) below!

I am committed to your tracking success and fun!

Flashback to the old Spiritdance Dogs Blog Posts 2005 – 2013

The internet is amazing! I started to blog in the 1990s and sadly my first blog posts are long gone. I actually remember some of my students in the mid-90s being very skeptical and asking me “what is a blog?” Here is the list of the first few blog posts on my second blog, in…

Caden TDX practice 2015

I found this video of Caden’s TDX practice summer 2015. It was a very windy day and a new place so I laid an 800 m track on varying cover with 8 turns and three gloves and aged it two hours. Caden is the dog I did some IGP with then we trained for almost…

Beginner’s Tracking Clinic April 22-23 FULL

Updated registration form and new date! A new registration form is ready for this clinic! The dates were changed for better weather (we hope!). Working Team limit of 6 dogs for maximum work and attention. Deadline to register is March 3, 2023. Click here to learn more, and hope to see you there! Tracking is…

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