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3 Tracking Champions

TCH Alta-Pet Jet, Border Collie (2012)
TCH Caden von der KlienenWiese (2015)
TCH Spiritdance Blackthorn Ben – Jet’s son (2017)

The Newbies

Micah – Gem von Wendelin – German Shepherd. Micah is ready for testing in all levels and an amazing nose down tracker, proficient in hard surface since she was 6 months old! (more photos below)

Spiritdance Blackthorn Finn – Border Collie – up and coming, Finn is spending most of his time being a stockdog, learning to herd sheep (my other passion). Finn comes down from Dale Montgomery’s lines (Maple Creek SK).

Spiritdance Blackthorn Quill – the newest newbie, Quill was born July 8, 2021. After losing Jet in 2020, I have missed her so much I realized I needed another sassy girl in my life. Quill is a joy! She will also be a stockdog, and track.

Notable Accomplishments

Jet and Ben, mother and son, are the only Border Collies in Canada so far who are Tracking Champions. They are stockdog bred, working Border Collies and come from Scott Glen’s breeding. Scott Glen is a World Class competitor and it is an honour to have had these dogs. Ben is now 10!

Jet and Ted – my other wonderful dog from Scott Glen were also stockdogs who herded sheep and entered trials. I had sheep for 10 years in Thunder Bay but after moving to Alberta, it was hard to keep up the training needed to be trial ready. Ted hated tracking! But he was an amazing athlete and was purchased from Scott Glen as a trained (started) dog.

Caden became a Tracking Champion by passing his advanced field test (TDX) and advanced urban test (UTDX) back to back, on the same day – 45 minutes apart! We aren’t aware of any other dog accomplishing this – he had a lot of heart, that boy. He died the following year at age 8 of spinal cancer, so I am very grateful he did pass them both that day.

My first tracking dog, German Shepherd Lindau’s Knight Hawk CD TDX and Rough Collie, Ch. Tallywood Banreigh Spiritdance Am Can CD, TDX,(Kate) passed their TDXs on the same day, back to back in 1994!

Titles Tally

3 Tracking Champions; a dog must have all four titles (two beginner field and urban titles, and two advanced field and urban titles) under at least 2 licensed judges to have a TCH title conferred.
3 UTDXs (German Shepherd, two Border Collies)
5 UTDs (German Shepherds and Border Collies)
8 TDXs (German Shepherds, Border Collies, Rough Collies)
10 TDs (German Shepherds, Border Collies, Rough Collies)

Gallery of Spiritdance Dogs – more…

Below are pictures of my dogs, including three collages of the three breeds I’ve owned, and a picture of our family’s mixed breed Suzy – our intelligent Karelian Bear Dog – Rough Collie cross. Beside her is puppy Hawk – my first tracking dog, the one who started it all. My long-coated girl River was my first urban tracking dog – a wonderful partner and teacher.

I’ve added quite a few pictures of Caden because he was a pivotal dog for me – the dog I trained when I moved to Alberta. Through Caden I met amazing trainers and mentors in IGP (shout out to my friend Dan Waters) and because of him, I had the privilege of working with the retired head of canine training and breeding specialist for the RCMP, dog whisperer Jean Blondin.

Below Caden are pictures of my current, mature parther Micah, Gem von Wendelin. Her claim to fame is that she was running full advanced urban tracks by 6 months of age! I am always trying new methods and ideas, and try them on my own dogs before bringing them into my training. Unfortunately due to a long wait for a hip replacement, followed by COVID-19, Micah has not been in any tests yet, and 2022 will be our year!

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