Step Out Leadership & Recognition Program

2022 – Lynda Caughlin, Peggy McCallum and Cindy Thomas receive recognition certificates at the annual Tracking Camp

Recognizing and thanking the amazing people who help us along the way

Join Our Amazing Circle!

Village, Tribe, Community – whatever you like to call it – we got it!

At 4Winds we’re all about the Tribe, the Village, the Circle! In a Circle of Excellence, everyone shares and grows together, travelling a path together and encouraging one another.

I believe it is important to receive some recognition and acknowledgement when you leap in or go above and beyond to help within our tracking circle. Tracking is a wonderful sport, but opportunities to test can be few and far between. In the meantime we work together to sharpen the saw, making sure our dogs remain motivated and skilled, and always trying to improve our own mastery of this activity – no matter your goal.

Small groups are proven to accelerate learning and success! In a safe and supportive environment there is less performance anxiety as people achieve goals and work towards mastery together. Although we work alone a lot in tracking, there is no success without our village. That’s where this program comes in.

Other Reasons to Join our Amazing Circle!

Qualify for discounts, take part in special get-togethers and training days, be first in line for limited attendance workshops and take part in the Step Out Program.

How Do I Join this Amazing Circle?

You are someone who shows tremendous passion and dedication by checking these boxes:

  1. Full attendance at two weekends (seminar or workshops)
  2. Full attendance at one tracking class
  3. Attend one online webinar
  4. Pass a mock test / achieve urban certification
  5. Assist with class instruction / demo dog
  6. Earn a title and tell us about your experience at tracking camp!
  7. Actively demonstrate your desire to help others along the way
  8. Assist in classes with track laying or other things to enhance everyone’s experience
  9. Volunteer at tracking tests – be a track layer, hold a position, donate your time and steps for others
  10. Decide you want to judge – write the tests, apprentice, become a judge!!!!!!!

Step Out Leadership & Recognition Program

We’re also all about empowering others! That’s why we created the Step Out Leadership Development Program

Would you like to instruct, coach or enhance your leadership skills?

The Step Out Program might be for you!

  • Leadership and Coaching development
  • Assist with class instruction
  • Lead a class
  • Coach / be a resources for a small group
  • Develop and refine presentation skills
    • Develop Your Presentation
    • Tell Your Story
  • Be a guest speaker at a weekend camp or retreat!
  • And more – this is an exciting and growing side of 4Winds!

Certificates of Recognition, Achievement and Accomplishment

4Winds will present these to deserving members of our tribe! You could be surprised! And your contributions are truly valued more than you may realize. We see you and appreciate you very much.

Honourary Certificates

Occasionally a certificate may be awarded to a dog that has not had the opportunity to complete titles or their own journey, due to illness, passing too soon, or other reasons.

These decisions are compassion – based and subjective. They may be suggested by members of our circle.

This recognition represents the care of our community and does not attempt to represent any official designations through established organizations. They in no way attempt to diminish titles earned by hard-working teams in various organizations.

They do recognize that sometimes stuff happens and a dog or team has run out of time or lost the ability to keep going. We care and we put people first.

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Let’s Hang Out

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