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Four Winds Outdoor Leadership is about BOTH ends of the leash! When any area of your life is out of balance, it affects your perspective, energy, health and emotions.

Over the years I’ve been honoured to share confidences with students and friends during the course of tracking instruction. My own life journey has had a lot of valleys and mountain tops! As the saying goes, “growth takes place in the valley!”

This inspired me to study and graduate from Erickson College’s World renowned Art and Science of Coaching program, beginning my Coaching business in 2014, Over time coaching became focused on performance and motivation for tracking success!

I am happy to return to my Coaching roots, to offer professional life coaching. My areas of focus intersect nicely with my Spiritdance Tracking philosophy and methods, leading to a strongly integrated, holistic approach.

Webinars focus on these while presenting fun and enlightening topics that will change the way you look at life, and the way you interact with others. Be your own cheerleader as you explore and build on your personal style and identify the gifts and talents you bring to others.

Are you looking for Business Communications & Marketing Coaching Services? Please use the Contact form to set up a time to discuss your needs.

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4Winds offers Online Coaching sessions on the following topics:

Coaching Webinars

4 hours

Fee: $250

  • Tell Your Story
    • Explore your life stories and the things that shaped you. Learn how to share your story with others by developing written or spoken presentations. Identify areas of your story that you need to reclaim and re-write in the present, to let go and move forward. Have fun coming up with your own keynote presentation! We all have amazing stories. Share yours to inspire and motivate others!
  • What’s Your Gift?
    • Personal assessments to discover your talents and gifts. Learn how to design your life and learning plans to align with your own core values and gifts. Gain insights into your personal motivations and rewards. Discover ways to share your gift to bless others on their journeys. If you are an instructor, mentor or leader, identify ways to harness this knowledge to enhance your personal style, how to fill in gaps through training, study and practice and develop an appreciation for our diverse styles and how we each contribute when we work together.
  • Seasons – Life Stages and Transitions
    • We all go through seasons in life, often more than once! What season are you in now? Are you enjoying the fresh start of spring? The renewal and reflection of winter? Are you coasting through fun summer days? Or are you in the process of letting go, as fall sets in, The best predictor of making the most of one season, is the grace with which you transition from the one you’re in. Find out what each season means and how to feel grounded and at peace in each one, by approaching them with awareness and preparing to make the most of each one.
  • Instructor, Mentor, Coach, Leader
    • Where are you at? Where do you want to be? Take your role to the next level. Learn the differences between these styles. Find out how to be the best mentor ever! Learn some of the secrets of coaches, and discover and build on your personal leadership style. Take away exercises and tailored homework. Return to session two to talk about your discoveries and discuss next steps.
Every journey begins with a single step. Imagine finding your true path. Imagine living a life of meaning and purpose where you feel authentic and happy. Discover clarity, courage, creativity and contentment. Live the life you want!

1:1 Individual Coaching

  • By telephone or Zoom
  • Initial meeting – 30 minutes to explore your goals- no fee
  • 3 sessions minimum – $150 / hour
  • At the end of the 3rd session, you may renew for
    • 3 more full length sessions (fee as above)
    • 3 accountability and check in sessions ($100 / 45 minutes)
  • *A new goal or topic will require the start of three full sessions

Use the Contact Form to arrange an initial meeting. Check our section about Instruction, Mentor, Coach, Leader to learn about the differences between each of these methods, and to determine if Coaching might be a good fit for your needs and goals.

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As a Professional Coach, I listen to your story and work with you to develop a doable action plan, then support and walk beside you on your journey.

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