Coaching – How do I get started?

GREAT!  You’ve decided to invest in yourself by hiring a coach. These are your first steps:

Spiritdance Coaching holds seasonal coaching workshops that you might like to attend. On day two you will have an opportunity to experience coaching! This will be an in-person ‘laser coaching’ session that let’s you get a feel for what a coach offers. If you’d like to explore a bit more, please consider attending a workshop and experience coaching. Check out the EVENTS CALENDAR for details!

If you would like to get started use the Contact Form to request more information.

You will receive information to set up an initial, complimentary session.

An initial session is so that can get to know each other to see if it is good fit for your needs. We will explore areas of coaching that interest you.

Next: We will work together to determine your desired outcomes and timeframes to establish an agreement

Contracts are set up for 3 sessions at a time.

An initial fee is paid as a down payment. Final payment is required on session three.

We will discuss whether you’d like to continue with full sessions, carry on with check-ins or if you’ve achieved your desired outcomes!

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