About 4 Winds!

Four Winds Outdoor Leadership is the product of ongoing learning and development combined with a passion and desire to help others on their tracking and life journeys!

I look forward to continuing to work with people, helping you find your path, meet your goals, honour your personal gifts and even try new things!

What will I find on this page?

On this page you’ll find details about my new business name, why it’s changing, and my goals to meet your needs, focus on things I love and find ways to keep learning and growing together! If you are into ‘philosophical’ vision and mission stuff, this is that!

AND PS – on every page look for this question to decide if you want to read on or move on!

Why Change?

This is the natural evolution of Spiritdance Tracking and Coaching. Coaching was added in 2014 as I became a Professional Coach. In recent years I’ve returned to university to complete a certificate in Leadership and Masters in Leadership and Ministry. The theme that speaks most to me is finding God in Nature. With the creation of 4 Winds, my goal is to do more than teach tracking! I am returning to coaching

I LOVE to teach tracking! The partnership between handler and dog is mysterious and beautiful. When we track, we are always aware of the wind.

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from , or where it is going.

Jesus, John 3:8

Following our dogs as they track a scent has equal parts trust and magic. We hang onto the line, and follow something we can’t see. So it is with inspiration from the Spirit. A still, small voice inside can be life altering, as we suddenly ‘wake up’ and decide to set new goals and follow a dream. We don’t always see the path, but we follow it with trust.

Find Your Path

It is never too late to get on a new path, or find a lost path from long ago. When we are in Nature, we often feel peace and think more clearly, away from the pressures of every day life. During the pandemic people flocked to City trails, parks, rivers and mountains. It is as though deep inside we all know we need to get outside to clear our heads, get in touch with our hearts and find answers.

My goal with Four Winds is to create outdoor, experiential learning, encouraging people to enjoy Nature and find a sense of peace and happiness for a better balanced, happier lifestyle. For the most part I suspect I will be doing this through dog tracking – and it is a great fit so why not?

What’s Coming?

Watch for tracking workshops with a new twist, retreats and tracking camps, with meaningful additional sessions to round out our time together, and for learning and growth opportunities through contributions from our amazing circle, sharing their gifts with each other, and broadening the circle to bring others in.

The News and Views page will detail new ideas and new leaarning opportunities as this business grows and evolves! I am blessed to be surrounded by so many inspiring and encouraging people. This is my way of giving back and giving differently.

The 4 Ws of Four Winds Outdoor Leadership represent things valued by amazing pople! These are the focus on 4 Winds:

These are the four winds that guide my wishes and hopes for you .


We should always have a sense of wonder! The world is a beautiful place! Since the global pandemic started in early 2020 we’ve all developed a deep appreciation for nature and a longing to be outdoors. My goal is to inspire you to never stop enjoying a sunrise, and to always savour the deep joy we get spending time outdoor, walking alone, playing with others or enjoying the company of your best K9 friend.


As a coach, I work with people who want to find their path. We each experience a unique calling and sometimes as we age, this calling gets stronger! Honouring your gifts, learning and growing and finding ways to giving back are cycles of life or seasons that we all share. There are times we need someone to walk the path with us for awhile, until we are ready to fly! Don’t let time slip away. Be who you were meant to be.


The circle of people involved with 4 winds and Spiritdance Tracking is very special. We share a wild side – reaching for goals, determined to succeed and supporting each other with kindness and compassion. It’s time to be that free spirit! Run with the wind at your back! We are meant to have life and live it abundantly!


The willow is an ancient symbol of resilience and strength. Its roots run deep and it thrives where it is planted. It bends with the wind and is beautiful in every season. We all want to be willows – trees planted by streams of living waters that nourish and bring life. Willows are flexible, versatile and beautiful in every season.

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