Tracking Alert! 4Winds Tracking 2023!

Updated November 26 – see below Beginners Workshops, Lessons, Fun Days and Tracking Camp – November 26 Updates to dates noted below.

Tracking Alert! 2023 is shaping up now with a blend of new and regular training. Here’s a look at what you can register for! Details about each session follow below.

Registrations are now available for each session along with deadlines. If you are keen, please contact me to let me know so I have an idea of numbers and expectations.

Update – Note that the March beginners workshop has been moved to April due to fears about weather. The registration form will be updated. Deadline to register is March 10.

See below for lesson updates

  • Tracking 101 Blog Series will begin November 19 – watch for the blogs on a variety of topics for the beginner and seasoned tracker.
  • Beginners Workshop Weekends in April and August – Intro to Tracking and Tracking Foundations
  • Lessons February – May are full.
  • 1:1 Lessons from June through September by arrangement
  • Trailing – monthly trailing group fun days – aiming at int’l GAK9 standards – you must have tracking knowledge and basics to take part
  • Tracking Camp is moved to September!

Registration Forms are now online

Two Beginners Workshop Weekends March date changed to April!

  • April 22-23
  • August 12 – 13

These workshops will combine indoor learning and presentations with outdoor exercises. They are designed for beginners. If you have never tracked or are not sure how to work on foundations, mark these dates on your calendar! By the end of day two you should be ready to work on your own or with a tracking buddy on foundations such as

  • How to get your dog’s nose down to follow a scent
  • How to encourage forward, independent motion along the track
  • Article importance, type, and indications
  • Start routines
  • Working on different surfaces
  • Motivating your dog (it doesn’t take much!) to be a happy tracker
  • Progressing from short straight lines to curves and turns
  • Aging the track
  • How to lay good practice tracks

There will also be information about what you’re aiming for. What is tracking? What can you do with it? Should you aim for kennel club tests or Search and Rescue or both? These foundations will be suitable to all tracking venues, preparing you for whichever path you choose.

Location: Olds / Red Deer, Alberta

Fee: $400 / working team; limited to 6 working teams
Auditors are welcomed – $250 to audit all weekend
Lesson participants taking monthly lessons may audit for $50 (what a bonus!) if you’d like reminders about foundations.


1:1 Lessons

From February 1 to September. Your dog must be able to track and have foundations in place for a lesson. Lessons are 1.5 hours. Fee is $125. Due to gas prices I will limit travel and try to organize lessons accordingly. Locations may be in Calgary or Olds.

Trailing Days

I am working to establish a standard for trailing sport tests to come to Canada using the GAK9 standards (used in the US and Europe. Standards have various levels for beginners, specialist and master tracking in both urban and forest or field. GAK9 can be found online and on Facebook. K9 Manhunters, a popular social media channel, follow GAK9. Trailing is suitable for SAR and can be fun for sport trackers as long as you will continue to work on precision in your tracking and not allow the dog too much fringing. Tracks can be from 400 m to over a kilometer long.

Watch for Trailing Days to be announced. There will be criteria and standards for participants.

Annual Tracking Camp Is Moving to a New Date!

Mark September 9-10 tentatively on your calendars! We hope for cooler weather and to prep for Fall tests.

  • Smaller participant numbers
  • Less long tracks and more focus on skill and age
  • Some trailing “certifications” (pretend – practice for GAK9) will be offered
  • Urban Day followed by a field day
  • Group meals
  • Annual 4Winds Circle of Excellence presentation

Tracking Camp details will be announced soon. Maybe we will have a ‘surprise’ guest presenter or judge… stay tuned!

One thought on “Tracking Alert! 4Winds Tracking 2023!”

  1. Fun days sound great! I might be able to swing a lesson at some point too. Yes in-kind will be great! I’m quite interested in trailing -Booker enjoys finding people. Camp sounds fun again. That may depend on other plans but definitely something I will keep in mind.


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