Fall is Tracking Season!

What’s happening this fall?

I don’t know about the rest of Canada but this summer in Alberta has been WET (at first), then HOT for a month. I mean, temps hovering around 30 C. Just too hot to track, even though we gave it a game try during the fun August tracking camp!

Today, the heat warning ended and thunderstorms are predicted. I couldn’t be more happy! Bring on the cool weather and rain! It’s the weather we trackers love best.

Of course, in response to this change in weather, I have pulled together the Fall 2022 schedule, knowing that all trackers are looking to the skies and dreaming about their muck boots and garters. As much as I love tracking, I really have a heart for teaching and sharing it with others. As always, expect up-to-date tracking methods based on the best information and new science, suitable for sport tracking, SAR and Trailing.

Visit Upcoming Events for links to register and for more details.

Below are things I am organizing, but first, this message,,,

What else is happening in 2023? Think – Trailing!

Stay tuned for some exciting news as I bring in some Trailing Clinicians, or maybe even THE training clinician. Dick Staal, do you think he would come to Canada again? I am on the case. As you know, I follow both Dick Staal and Jeff Schettler (GAK9). I figure if I put on some seminars, why not bring in my heroes?

Now, back to our scheduled messaging…

The Fall Beginners Clinics are one-day clinics held once monthly. In the day long clinic, you will receive enough information and homework to carry you to the next clinic! Clinics will occur in September, October and November. They kick off with a Zoom Intro to Tracking Class. If you missed out on the clinics, this class is an awesome alternative to figuring out how to start.

An even better idea is to take the Zoom Intro to Tracking Class along with the Winter Tracking Webinar. While you may not get the 1:1 hands on coaching, you should be well-armed to get out feeling confident to start your tracking journey. I might put on a spontaneous – ONLINE classes only day for some hands on as a Christmas treat, so watch this website and Facebook page closely.

I am judging a one day Urban Test in Red Deer on October 2, so we are being very careful not to train together within the ‘no training’ window, and will not be on any potential test sites as well. If you are entering the test, I will be giving you the 411 on this rule. Most Beginners should be thinking about spring tests! To that end, I am continuing the Beginners one-day Clinics in February, March and April.

Check the CATS FB page for information about the Field and Urban tests on October 1-2.

Take heart, there may be openings for these, and I may also put on a standalone. Then, watch for a mock test and opportunities for urban pre-test certifications if you wish to enter a CKC Urban ‘beginner level’ test first (before a TD beginners test).

Find out details about all of these events here. Subscribe to the blog to receive timely posts and be sure to ‘like’ the 4Winds Facebook page for pictures and other fun stuff, including links to the latest events.

Thanks everyone for continuing to trust me and allow me to be part of your tracking journey. Your journey is my journey! Always keep learning.

Donna, and the crew, Ben, Micah, Finn and Quill

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